Vote AGUONLIMTIACO in the Primary Election on Saturday, August 25, 2018!

The Aguon Limtiaco Commitment will create fundamental, meaningful transformation in governance that: secures the financial solvency of our island; streamlines the operational efficiency of our government; improves community responsiveness; promotes economic diversification; and realizes a people-centered government.

“If there’s one thing public service has taught me, it’s that failures are merely setbacks; they are reasons to get back up and try harder next time. If it wasn’t for those setbacks, I don’t think I would be here today, asking the people of Guam to elect me as their governor.”
“I am committed to serving our island and people through continued public service as Lt. Governor alongside and supporting Frank Blas Aguon, Jr., as Governor of Guam. I believe that my education, experience and background in government, particularly the justice system, and the work I have done to build collaborative relationships among government, nonprofits and private sector partners, will contribute meaningfully and positively to improving the quality of life for our island and people.”